CLIENT: WeezyTown T-Shirts & Merchandise
PROJECT: Pop Culture & Humor Apparel

As a hobby, I've always enjoyed designing graphics for T-Shirts and other various apparel. In early 2010, I decided to open my own online clothing store, called WeezyTown, to sell my designs for profit. The site features my own original artwork, mostly inspired by humorous concepts or Pop Culture references from movies, music, TV, or historical events. WeezyTown offers apparel and various merchandise for all ages. To date, WeezyTown has posted sales in over 20 nations worldwide.



CLIENT: SnorgTees
PROJECT: "Snug Life" T-Shirt Graphic

SnorgTees is one of the most popular humor-related T-Shirt sites on the Web. Their advertisements often appear on high-traffic social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Chances are, you've seen someone wearing one of their shirts, or own one yourself. The company purchased my "Snug Life" design for addition into their own impressive catalog of artwork, which was extremely cool. The design pokes fun at the current "Snuggie" craze, and references the famous "Thug Life" tattoo inked onto the chest of the late rapper, 2Pac.



CLIENT: "All In All" (Film Short)
PROJECT: Camp Pakawa Logo & T-Shirts

I have some friends who are graduates of USC's prestigious film school. When they decided to team up to co-direct a short film called "All In All" about a Christian summer camp, they sought me out to design shirts for the actors/campers to wear in the movie. The designs pay homage to the fun, nature-vibe often associated with youth summer camps and retreats, while incorporating religious symbols to reflect the Christian theme of the fictional Camp Pakawa setting.


CLIENT: Shirtoid
PROJECT: "Disassemble?" T-Shirt Graphic

Shirtoid is a "Best Of" site that scours the Web to find the coolest Pop Culture-related T-Shirt designs out there. I had the honor of having my "Disassemble?" design chosen for inclusion in their listings. The graphic was inspired by the 1980's film, Short Circuit, and features a silhouette of the film's lovable robot star, Johnny Five (a.k.a. Number Five). In the film, Johnny Five becomes self-aware, and lives in fear of being destroyed by his creators, hence his classic catchphrase "Disassemble?".



CLIENT: Simply Sporti
PROJECT: Women's Sports Apparel Graphics

Simply Sporti is a line of fashionable apparel geared towards female sports fans. Traditionally, there have been few sports garments tailored specifically for the female form. Simply Sporti aims to change this by offering college and professional sport team logos imprinted on more attractive attire, such as dresses, tube tops, tanks, etc. Under a licensing agreement between Simply Sporti and San Diego State University (SDSU), I was given access to the school's style guide and logos in order to create new apparel designs. I developed several new text treatments, distressed effects, and layouts, all while staying within the schools strict guidelines for logo property usage. A brief sampling of some of my concepts can be viewed by following the link below.