CLIENT: ADventures Marketing Group
PROJECT: Holiday Flash Cartoon Campaign

While working full-time for a fast-paced ad agency called ADventures, I developed the concept for a series of Flash-animated cartoons based on the company's logo, which featured a stick-man character. Each cartoon's theme centered on a different holiday or company event, and would be emailed to both current and potential clients to remind them that our agency was always there to service their creative needs. The cartoons paid homage to the old "Mr. Bill" cartoons, in which some sort of humorous disaster befalls the character in every installment. For each cartoon, I wrote the script, sketched storyboards, and did all the Flash animation. Eventually, the agency opted to rebrand to something a bit more sophisticated, so I created one final farewell cartoon that ends with the graphics transitioning into the company's new name and look. Each cartoon is only 10-15 seconds in length, so please take a look at the samples below.



CLIENT: ADventures Marketing Group
PROJECT: Movie Reel Mailer

Another fun project I developed for ADventures was a short promotional film created from archive black and white newsreel footage from the early 1940's. Prior to my employment, the agency had purchased the rights to the footage for a project years earlier, but had used very little of the extensive collection. I decided to put the footage to good use, and began putting together a script and storyboard concept based on specific clips I pulled from the library to adapt to our promotional message. Leading a small team of editors, I began dissecting the footage and assembling the clips using AfterEffects. I also created the retro "movie studio" logo featured at the beginning of the clip, which features the agency's name. With the aid of a sound engineer to record my voice, I provided the fast-talking voice of the narrator as well. Upon completion, the film was burnt onto DVDs, which were then placed in round tin containers that resembled movie reel cases. We adorned the outside of the tins with filmstrip graphics and production labels. Finally, we filled the inside of the containers around the DVD casing with popcorn. The packages were then shipped to 100 potential clients in the DC Metro area, many of whom helped generate considerable new revenue for the agency after enjoying the presentation I had developed on a shoestring budget.

(Please Note: This file is around 40 MB, and will take a minute or two to load. However, it's worth the wait!)


CLIENT: ADventures Marketing Group
PROJECT: Flash-Based Promotional Clip

I developed this campaign to promote the agency's ability to get large returns for clients with an extremely small budget, based simply on our creativity and ingenuity. Like many creative agency environments, our office was filled with toys and trinkets for inspiring creative thought and fun. One of these items happened to be a small rubber dinosaur, so I developed a concept warning clients to not let the creativity behind their marketing campaigns "become extinct". Using video we shot of the dinosaur in-house, accompanied with Flash animation, we created an insanely low budget presentation that we sent to potential clients via email link. Done with tongue firmly in cheek, the presentation drew a lot of laughs, and new business.


CLIENT: Xceed Financial Credit Union
PROJECT: Break-Up With Your Bank Campaign

In order to feed off the nationwide buzz revolving around "Bank Transfer Day" (November 5, 2011), I helped develop the multi-channel "Break Up With Your Bank" campaign while working as a full-time member of the marketing team at Xceed. The goal of the movement was to get customers to switch their accounts from the larger banks to our smaller, member-owned credit union in order to receive better rates, less fees, and more personable customer service. The "Break Up" concept was targeted primarily towards female working professionals, and challenged them to "dump" their current bank like they would a lousy boyfriend. The campaign materials consisted of several print items such as handout flyers, posters, publication ads, outdoor sandwich boards, and a direct mail piece. There was also a targeted email campaign, and a homepage image and internal splash page were added to the corporate Website. Electronic messages were featured in each Xceed branch nationwide via widescreen television monitors (VideoNets), as well as on-screen marketing screens at each branch ATM. New walk-in customers that became members were given special lapel stickers that said "I Broke It Off With My Bank". Several on-site events were conducted at select employer groups (SEGs) by our outside sales team in order to recruit new members through fun events such as barbecues, raffles, and charity walk/runs.



CLIENT: Xceed Financial Credit Union
PROJECT: ATM Upgrade Campaign

I developed this multi-channel campaign for Xceed in order to alert members to the great new features of our upgraded branch ATMs, as well as the vast expansion of our surcharge-free ATM network across the nation. The new machines had not only added many additional customer conveniences, but also allowed our marketing team to remotely adjust on-screen advertising in full color via a Web-based content management system. We were able to initiate targeted messaging to both members and non-members, as well as customize unique alerts for each branch in the event of an emergency closing, out of service machine, etc. To help spread the word about the machine upgrades to members, I developed handout flyers, outdoor posters, statement messages, and in-branch video monitor ads (VideoNets). Once the new machines were swapped out and operational, I created several on-screen marketing messages on the Welcome, Waiting, and Thank You screens that were customized to both members and non-members. I also took charge of alerting the internal staff members of the changes by sending a series of company-wide email messages, and drafting a "Promo Preview" page for the Xceed Intranet that highlighted key features and timeframes of the ATM upgrade.



CLIENT: Xceed Financial Credit Union
PROJECT: Online Banking Makeover Campaign

Early in 2011, the Executive Management team at Xceed decided it was time to switch vendors for their entire online banking service. This would be a major event, requiring members to recreate new login passwords in order to access their accounts once the conversion went live. On top of all the cosmetic changes, there would also be a bit of a learning curve associated with navigating the new system and its features. In order to make members aware of the changes, I helped spearhead a multi-channel campaign that would include two separate phases. The first phase involved letting members know that the online banking system would be changing months in advance through a series of "Coming Soon: Extreme Makeover Online Banking Edition" messages. These messages had an "Under Construction" look and feel, and consisted of letter and postcard mailings, in-branch advertising, statement messages, emails, web pages, and even telephone calls to those members without a current mailing or email address on file. The second phase of the campaign involved alerting members that the new system was officially live, as well as educating members and internal staff on the new features. I worked with a 3rd party video production agency to create a series of brief training and "hype" videos that quickly highlighted the new features and important changes to the online banking experience. The videos were then posted on the Xceed website, where members would be directed via URL from another series of print and online communications. Several internal training documents were also created to educate the internal call-center team on how to respond to member FAQs. General training sessions for other employees were conducted and made more fun with a set of trivia games and premium item handouts (such as chocolate hardhats and pens with the Xceed logo) that commemorated the online banking project.


CLIENT: ALL Student Loan
PROJECT: Mail, Email, & Outdoor Advertising

While working full-time for ALL Student Loan for over six years, I developed ad campaigns that directly generated over $80 million in student loan volume for the organization. Campaigns typically had three components; direct mail, email blast, and outdoor advertising. The organization purchased address and email lists for 10-20 thousand potential borrowers, to whom we targeted our postcard mailings and email campaigns. The budget for these campaigns was very low, so I was often forced to use existing stock imagery or create my own graphics from scratch when designing the components. Photo shoots were simply out of the question. In order to distinguish our mailings from common SPAM and junk mail, I had to make the designs standout with catchy headlines, humorous images, or eye-catching colors and visuals. Mailings were often sent out every 1-2 weeks, so they had to be designed quickly, then passed on as soon as possible to several levels of upper management for approval. The designs for the postcard mailings were typically done first, then the same look and concept was adapted into an email graphic with HTML text. Finally, some campaigns were taken a step further and adapted into outdoor advertising such as billboards, bus ads, and street kiosks located in and around college campuses throughout California.



CLIENT: WeezyTown T-Shirts & Merchandise
PROJECT: Online Ads & Guerilla Marketing

After opening my own online T-Shirt store called WeezyTown, I soon realized I needed to somehow drive customers to my site in order to make a profit. With little to no budget for marketing and advertising, I also knew I would need to get creative and put in a lot of "sweat equity" of my own in order to get things rolling. First, I figured out as many free options for advertising and building a buzz for my brand as possible. I registered my site as an online merchant with Google and all the major search engines. I also created a unique page for WeezyTown on Facebook, which enabled me to easily let my friends know about my products, then pass the word onto their friends that I didn't already have connections with. Then, as more and more traffic came through my site and I started making sales, I could finally afford some low-cost advertising. I created business cards, flyers, and stickers, and then began handing them out all over town. I put materials on wiper blades, handed out cards at sporting events, plastered stickers on bus stops, and posted flyers on bulletin boards of college hangouts; pretty much anywhere that would hit customers in my target demographic. As sales continued to grow, so did my marketing budget. Eventually I purchased print ads in local newspapers, created online banner ads, and bought Pay-Per-Click ads on Google and Facebook. The online advertising was especially successful after lots of careful keywording and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Although WeezyTown is by no means pulling enough revenue to afford me an early retirement, it has been a rewarding and educational experience turning a hobby into a legitimate source of income. With a lot of hard work, I am now able to share my designs with people who are willing to purchase them in over 20 nations worldwide and counting.