CLIENT: The New Home Company
PROJECT: "The Cannery" Web Site

While working for the Paolucci Salling & Martin, I worked on several Web projects for their largest client, The New Home Company. Based in Irvine, New Home is one of the largest luxury home builders in California. This particular site was for their unique "urban farm" neighborhood project called The Cannery. The Cannery is surrounded by a sustainable working farm that provides fresh produce to the stores and restaurants within the community. Its Green initiatives also make it one of the most energy-efficient neighborhood developments in the state. I assisted the Web Development Team by converting the rough storyboard templates for each page design into final layered PSD files for image slicing and sizing purposes. I also served as a "hand model" during the photoshoot for the image of the couple holding the grocery bad on the homepage.



CLIENT: The New Home Company
PROJECT: "Villa Metro" App

Another unique project I worked on while at PSM was the official community app of Villa Metro by The New Home Company. The app provides a comprehensive directory of all that Villa Metro and the surrounding area of Valencia has to offer; from floorplans, restaurants, schools, golf courses, residential image galleries and staying connected with the Metrolink and bus schedule feeds. My role involved taking the static storyboard concept and designing usable graphic assets for each section in the form of a layered PSD template. This required setting the files up at the exact pixel dimensions required for optimal viewing on iPhone 5 models, as well as providing the Development Team with specific direction in regards to user functionality. I also had to spend considerable time assembling all the photo assets, floorplans, and external links for the extensive content providing in the App.



PROJECT: Fairmont Ghirardelli Square Residences - Web Site & Kiosk Display

During my time at Paolucci Salling & Martin, I worked on several online and interactive pieces for the Fairmont Residences at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. Two of the largest components of this campaign were the corporate Web Site and an interactive Kiosk application that was used in their lobby to showcase location features, as well as provide information on other JMA Ventures properties worldwide. For the Kiosk project, the agency worked with a 3rd party development company, so setting up each page design at the exact specs required by that vendor was crucial. They had specific spacing requirements for menu items and imagary in regards to where they could be located on the page in order to fit their coding template. I also had to pull hundreds of photo thumbnails from the JMA database and resize for the page design in order to showcase their other hotel properties from around the world.


CLIENT: Categoric
PROJECT: Product Web Site

This HTML site was developed for Categoric's internal Intranet, primarily used as an educational tool to inform employees about the organization's various software products. They requested that the site have a modern, technology-based look and feel to it in order to reflect their cutting-edge software products.



CLIENT: Mann Marketing Communications
PROJECT: Flash Web Site

While working for a busy advertising agency outside of Washington D.C. called ADventures Marketing Group, the organization underwent a complete rebranding and name change to Mann Marketing Communications. The company's previous look had been playful and youth-oriented, but the owner's wanted something a bit more sophisticated. I played a pivotal role in developing new Print and Web collateral based off of the look envisioned by the Creative Director in a brochure he had created. From his initial concept, I produced this site entirely in Flash, adding my own unique animations, page transitions, and imagery that complimented the feel of his original design.



CLIENT: America Online (AOL)
PROJECT: Banner Ads / Pop Ups / Icons

Previously in my career, I created numerous banner ads, pop-ups, and buddy icons for many of the products offered by America Online (AOL). These materials reached millions of AOL users and potential online customers worldwide.


CLIENT: Motient
PROJECT: Landing Page / Product Web Site

This HTML landing page was designed to provide information to customers about Motient's Blackberry email communicator. The theme of this entire print and Web campaign was that of a legal document evidence package, so the imagery of Post-Its and lined notebook paper was a recurring visual element throughout the entire produced collateral.



CLIENT: HandySoft
PROJECT: "BizFlow Bob" Character Animation

HandySoft created a Business Process Automation Software product called BizFlow. As a training tool for employees, the organization wanted to develop a mascot or character to teach the use of the software in a fun presentation. Working with an accomplished illustrator to create the look of the character, BizFlow Bob, I then took her imagery and animated the character in Flash. This included creating body and facial gestures, as well as extensive mouth movements in order to lip-sync the recorded narration. I also worked with a sound engineer to provide my voice and dialog to the character, with the aid of some pitch-shifting effects. The result was a simple, yet fun presentation that really got HandySoft's internal sales team informed and excited about selling the new product.



CLIENT: Resonance
PROJECT: Flash Header & HTML Web Site

This Flash-animated header and HTML site was developed for Resonance, a performance education company. The organization had sprung from concepts presented in a book by Dr. Doug Newburg called "Resonance: A Personal Journey to Engaged Living". He wanted the site to carry on the look and color scheme from the book design, but to also stand on its own as a promotional piece with complimentary imagery and design elements.


CLIENT: Concert (AccessEdge)
PROJECT: Internal Sales Flash Presentation

This Flash-animated site was developed to host an internal sales contest among employees at Concert (AT&T and British Telecom). The concept revolved around Access prices "taking a dive", so I developed an animation of a cliff diver leaping off a rock ledge and into the water below. As he hits the water, his body morphs into the "wedge" shape from "A" in the company's logo, and the rest of the page builds around him. The Diver animation and landing page were built in Flash, with the external links going to pages developed in HTML.



CLIENT: Dr. Dan Adams, D.D.S.
PROJECT: Dental Services Web Site

This site was developed for Dr. Dan Adams, a dentist operating in Leesburg, Virginia. Dr. Adams needed a clean, simple HTML site that detailed the dental services he offered, contact information, and a few customer testimonials to help bring in new patients. He requested a "softer" color palette associated with the healthcare industry, and needed the design of the site to integrate well with his current print materials.



CLIENT: ADventures Marketing Group
PROJECT: Email Press Release

While working as a full-time, in-house designer for ADventures, I created many HTML email blasts and press releases for the organization, such as the above sample. The colors and design elements reflected the "playful" look and feel of the agency's branding materials and company culture.


CLIENT: Community Bank of Northern VA
PROJECT: Flash Advertisement

This online advertisement was created for Community Bank of Northern Virginia to raise awareness to their great rates on home mortgage loans. The look and concept was adapted from CBNV's "Home Sweet Home" print campaign. The entire presentation was created in Flash, and was accessed via a link from an HTML email sent to a list of potential borrowers.



CLIENT: ALL Student Loan Corporation
PROJECT: Web Site Facelift

This project provided the unique challenge of updating the company's Web site graphics without altering the existing framework created by the previous Web Developer. Due to budgetary reasons, the organizations did not want a complete site redesign from scratch, but needed to "spruce up" the design elements, reorganize the information and links, and remove unneeded files from their server. I spent several months reorganizing the site's pages and links one-by-one and sorting through old files in their server archives. In the end, the organization received a clean new design for the homepage (that fit perfectly into the previous HTML tables and framework), and a vastly improved user experience that provided simpler navigation and quicker access to desired content.



CLIENT: Heifer International
PROJECT: Animated Web Banners

Heifer International is a global nonprofit with a proven solution to ending hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. Heifer helps empower millions of families to lift them out of poverty and hunger to self-reliance through gifts of livestock, seeds and trees and extensive training, which provide a multiplying source of food and income. Segments about Heifer's international work have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the past. I created a series of animated Web banners and buttons for Heifer in order to raise awareness to their cause and drive contributors to their site. The first set of banners aimed to capitalize on celebrity endorsers such as Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, and Ed Asner. The second banner set was launched during the holiday "giving" season and focused on Heifer's "Multiply" concept, where they donate an animal to a needy family, who then pledges to donate that animal's offspring to another needy family, and so on. The celebrity photos and animal drawings were provided from existing Heifer promotional materials, and were then animated in ImageReady as animated GIF files.


CLIENT: ALL Student Loan Corporation
PROJECT: Email Blast

This HTML email blast was created for ALL Student Loan's current and potential borrowers. The look was adapted from the organization's current branding materials, and the color scheme reflected the summer timeframe during which the campaign was sent. This email reached between 15-20 thousand recipients.